Love is the answer. At least for most of the questions in my heart. -jack johnson

The Weyler family. Their home. Lifestyle session. 


the eyes. 

nothing compares to tickle fights 

"go sit next to your sister"


Why I love lifestyle sessions:

It takes a fraction of the time for your family to get comfortable in front of my camera when I'm at your house, which means more genuine smiles earlier in the session. I also get to capture moments between you and your littles that I might not otherwise get.

Take, for example, Teddy in his crib (see below). 

Right before this, I was packing up my gear and chatting with Mrs. Weyler as I got ready to head out. 

(Tangent: what, exactly, do you call a former teacher who is also a friend? Do I call her what I called her in school? By her first name? By the nickname I see used by her friends on Facebook? The world may never know.)

Anyway, I was getting ready to leave. Teddy had been fussy and the kids were at their wit's end. Then, from somewhere in one of the upstairs rooms, David's voice echoed down, "Hey Char, bring her up here!" (there's that nickname I was talking about). I grabbed my camera and quietly went upstairs with Mrs. Weyler (Char?) where we found Teddy laying calmly in his crib and wide awake. HOLLA. So I took about 1000 more pictures. Some of my favorites are in that set. If we were on location somewhere else, the session would have ended with the fussiness and we all would have gone home. I love that the home environment allows for moments that I may not have been able to capture otherwise. 

Aside: I won't lie that bugs and I do not get along (literally. I can step outside for 0.5 seconds and come back inside with 7 bug bits). Doing your family session in your home means that bugs and I don't have to further our unhealthy relationship.

like this. swoon.

i can't even handle the cute