q: what's a fun fact about yourself?

a: i had 5 wisdom teeth (so clearly i must be extra wise), I'm half-english, and i was an anatomy TA for a year in college.

Q: is verene your last name?

a: nopE! Verene is my middle name. Lydiatt is my (new!) last name. 

q: why are you a photographer?

a: The short answer: i believe that photographs are so incredibly undeniably important and it's my responsibility to capture them.

a: the long answer: When I started my photography business in April of 2015, I was doing it because photography gave me joy and because of how rewarding it is to hear someone say, "Wow! I really look like that?" or, "That perfectly captures my personality!" I loved making people feel beautiful and I loved providing them with images that they'd be able to look back on and say--this is what I used to look like when I laughed! 

My outlook on both life and my role as a photographer drastically changed when my dad died in December 2015. He died at the age of 52 after a sudden, unexplained heart attack.

My experience with losing dad made me realize just how important my job as a photographer is. I'm documenting the here and the now. Freezing that moment in time. If you died tomorrow, your kids or your spouse or your parents will remember you exactly how you are today, from the 10 pounds you want to lose to that mole you wish you could get rid of.

I do it because life changes between one heartbeat and the next and you deserve photos that convey the total love you have for each other. You deserve photos that capture your family exactly as you are-laughing and imperfect and whole.